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Images of the future ... from the past!

Images of the future ... from the past!

During the State Fair of Texas, look and learn from our historic murals

The 2017 State Fair of Texas will soon be here, arriving September 29 and running through October 22.

Amid the crowds of fairgoers, the busy food booths, the popular and active Midway, stand the original 1936 murals in the porticos of the Centennial Building at Fair Park.

These transportation-themed murals, depict future travel in both airplanes and space ships. They were painted over in the 1940s only to be rediscovered by researchers looking at old photos of the original paintings. They were restored in the early 1990’s and remain well preserved.

It is fascinating to see these futuristic depictions of space travel. Since they were painted, man has landed on the moon. Our fascination with space continues, especially NASA’s Mars rover landing in 2012, and NASA’s Orbiter Mission, launched in 2013. These projects have made space travel an ongoing interest in millions of space enthusiasts.

Throughout the year at Fair Park our various museums and Fair Park programming have a variety of learning and educational events, activities, and programs for children, youth, and adults. They all seek to educate and inspire. All of them provide opportunities to learn about the links between science, nature, space, and history.

We hope at this year's State Fair of Texas you and your family will take time to visit our museums, take in the vast murals and their futuristic images, and explore the educational opportunities during all the fun and excitement of the fair..

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Fair Park Centennial Building mural