Thank you for your Bond Program vote

Repairs and improvements are coming to Fair Park buildings!

Earlier this month, the voters passed all of the propositions in the 2017 Bond Program for the City of Dallas. The $1.050 Billion program included $261,807,000 for the Park and Recreation Department with another $50,000,000 designated for Fair Park.

These funds will significantly advance our park system providing much needed improvements to our parks, trails, and recreation centers.

The resources earmarked for Fair Park will in many ways transform our campus buildings, museums, and facilities. The Hall of State, a celebrated and historical presence at Fair Park will get a long-awaited cleaning and restoration of the exterior of the building along with additional mechanical and electrical repairs, ADA improvements and other necessary repairs. The Music Hall, the African American Museum, Texas Discovery Gardens, Magnolia Lounge, the Aquarium Annex, and former Science Place, all outstanding and popular structures at Fair Park, will each receive essential repairs and improvements with these funds.

We are extremely grateful to Dallas voters who enthusiastically supported the 2017 Bond Program. We take their acknowledgment of and interest in Fair Park seriously and we will do everything in our power to use the funds responsibly in order to continue our efforts to make this amazing park a place of wonder, entertainment, fun and leisure for long years to come.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing here you soon!

Daniel Huerta
Executive General Manager
City of Dallas
Dallas Park & Recreation Fair Park Administration
3809 Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210
24-hour English Information Line: 214-421-9600

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