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Dallas Goes Green

Dallas Park and Recreation Department is serious about reducing the human impact on our environment

The International Union for Conservation of Nature recently reported that for the first time in history, the urban population now exceeds the rural one. This poses unique challenges and opportunities to large cities like Dallas.

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department is serious about reducing the impacts on our environment that affect our city and later this month our department environmental initiatives will be on display at this year’s EARTHx event at Fair Park.

Environmental initiatives the department has undertaken include the Dallas Zoo Browse Program, Urban Biology, BIoBlitz, Pollinator Gardens, Waterwise and Drought Tolerant Landscaping and an Organic Pest Control Program. Additional efforts include working with our partners at the Texas Tree Foundation to increase the tree canopy in our City, participating in the Dallas 2017 Urban Heat Island Management Study, converting irrigation systems to Smart Irrigation Systems in partnership with the Dallas Innovation Alliance and the Feral Hog Control Program.

Helping urban dwellers coexist with wildlife and natural spaces is stressed through our urban biology programs and our pollinator habitats with conservation partners like Fair Park's Texas Discovery Gardens, Friends of Tenison Park, Elmwood Park and others. This helps attract bees, butterflies, birds and other important pollinators which are essential to a balanced ecosystem.

EARTHx 2018 will take place at Fair Park April 20-22 and will offer many informative and interactive exhibits to help you better understand our changing planet and the shifting urban landscape of our city. Please join us for an exciting weekend of demonstrations, kid's activities, and other fun, learning opportunities at this year’s event. While you are there, please drop by our exhibit to learn how you too can be part of the solution.

We look forward to seeing you here.

Daniel Huerta
Executive General Manager
City of Dallas
Dallas Park & Recreation Fair Park Administration
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Dallas, TX 75210
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Dallas goes green

Friends of Fair Park Board of Directors

Our board volunteers are responsible for the policies and performance of the Friends of Fair Park

Advocating and advancing the mission of the Friends.

Members of the Friends of Fair Park board of directors are trustees, elected by our members, who act in accordance with our bylaws on behalf of all of the Friends' constituents. Our constituents include our members and donors, Fair Park visitors, the City of Dallas, and all of our colleague organizations are located with us here in Fair Park.

On an annual basis, officers for the Friends of Fair Park Board of Directors are vetted and selected by Friends of Fair Park members. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.


2017-2018 Board Officers

Fred Baker, Chair
John Cuellar, Vice Chair
Mark Blaquiere, Treasurer
Melissa Reiman, Secretary


2017-2018 Board of Directors

T. Fred Baker
Mark Blaquiere
Susan Brosin
Cheryl Brown
Lucy Cain
Victoria Clow
Travis Cox
John Cuellar
Kevin Curley
Billy Dean
Charles Elk
Adrienne A. Faulkner
Dianne Gibson
Susan Harris
Anna Hill
Galileo Jumaoas
Craig Lewis
Clarisa Lindenmeyer
Karen Liu Pang
Allison Poggi
Julie Ramirez
Melissa Rieman
Courtney Emich Spellicy
Les Studdard
Kurt Thomas Watkins
Joyce M. Williams
Ross Williams
Eric Winwood


Friends of Fair Park Board of Directors

Tejas Warrior welcomes return of Ninja Warrior

NBC's American Ninja Warriors returns to Fair Park, March 25-26, 2018

Historians tell us that the ground on which the impressive Hall of State was built was most likely years ago a field where buffalo once roamed and where Native Americans tracked and hunted them for food and clothing. Armed with only bows and arrows and their own athletic skills, they fought for the survival of their families. The "Tejas Warrior" represents that early period depicted in an eleven-foot golden statue above the entry into the Hall of State.

In the shadow of the "Tejas Warrior", the ever-popular television series, "American Ninja Warriors," returns this month to Fair Park, marking the third time Fair Park will host the City Qualifiers and a City Finals. This year's competition, filled with local challengers, will take place March 25-26.

In 2014, female contestant Kacy Catanzaro made Ninja Warrior history at Fair Park by becoming the first female to ever complete the 14-foot Warped Wall. She went on to complete the City Finals course and qualified for the National Finals which were nationally televised. She is still the only woman to have finished a Finals course.

Much like the "Tejas Warrior", the Ninja Warrior games represent the unique skills and physical strengths of each competitor and their determination to surpass the nearly impossible challenges in front of them. I think the "Tejas Warrior" would be proud to be in the company of these modern-day warriors.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Fair Park.

Daniel Huerta
Executive General Manager
City of Dallas
Dallas Park & Recreation Fair Park Administration
3809 Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210
24-hour Information Line: 214-421-9600

American Ninja Warriors

Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center

Meeting the needs of State Fair of Texas agriculture and education programs

Livestock program is foundation of the State Fair.

The Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center is a 55,000-square-foot facility that will greatly expand the scope of livestock and agriculture activities during the annual State Fair of Texas. The venue, which opened in 2017, will also attract year-round shows, meetings and conventions to Fair Park.

Livestock shows and agriculture exhibits formed the basis for the first State Fair held in Dallas in 1886 and continue to be a premier attraction at the annual event. The livestock program at the State Fair of Texas consists of the prestigious Pan American Livestock Exposition plus open and youth livestock shows. More than 12,700 exhibitors participate each fall.

In addition to the livestock shows and auction, fairgoers visit breed displays, the milking parlor, a hands-on barnyard and farm developed for young children, and more. There are multiple opportunities to learn about agriculture and its impact on the state of Texas as well as demonstrations by the Dallas Police Department, horse trainers, and livestock educators.

The center's first floor includes 11,000 square feet of open exhibit space, auction arena with theater-style seating, show ring, loading docks, sorting pens and modern washing areas. The second floor features the Heritage Hall of Honor Museum and Library, gallery, cattlemen’s lounge, dining room, kitchen, ballroom and banquet hall with seating for 350, restrooms and State Fair livestock offices.


The Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center is located north of Cotton Bowl Stadium and the Swine Barn.

Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center

The Gulf Cloud restored to original bronze patina

Historic fountain was erected in 1916 in memory of Captain Sydney Smith, secretary of State Fair of Texas from 1886-1912

If you have been to Fair Park recently you may have noticed the cleaning and restoration efforts made to The Gulf Cloud fountain. It rests grandly inside Gate 4 in the open space between the Music Hall and the Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Those dining at the Crystal Terrace restaurant inside the Music Hall have a spectacular view of the fountain through the high glass windows.

A masterpiece of craftsmanship, The Gulf Cloud fountain was created by Dallas sculptor, Miss Clyde Chandler, and consists of four female figures that represent the physical characteristics of Texas: Mountain is seated; Prairie is at her knee; Gulf is reclining; and Gulf Cloud unfolds in the fountain spray.

Over time the sculpture had accumulated a brown film caused by oxidation. Under the oversight of the Fair Park and Office of Cultural Affairs staff, Phoenix 1, a leading company in the restoration and construction industry, removed the patina and brought the The Gulf Cloud fountain to its original bronze sheen.

The next time you visit the park, take a moment to see the beautifully restored The Gulf Cloud fountain. Cleaned of its oxidation, it now glistens in the waters from the fountain.

We look forward to seeing you at Fair Park soon.

Daniel Huerta
Executive General Manager
City of Dallas
Dallas Park & Recreation Fair Park Administration
3809 Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210
24-hour Information Line: 214-421-9600

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