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Fair Park Event Concessions

Here is how you can be considered for food and/or beverage vendor openings in Fair Park

There are two different paths to be a food and/or beverage vendor.

Fair Park is owned by the City of Dallas and currently managed by the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

There are two different opportunities to be a food and/or beverage vendor. One is specific to State Fair of Texas, which has its own contract with the city. The other path is for every other Fair Park event that takes place during the year.



There are specific City of Dallas procedures for food and beverage services in city-owned facilities. The city contracts with Master Concessionaires to coordinate all Fair Park food and beverage services and supplies. In instances of events contracted or produced by the city, a Master Concessionaire issues a request for proposals (RFP) for additional food and beverage service needs.

To receive information about these opportunities, you will want to sign up through the City of Dallas website here:

Once registered you will receive all RFPs related to food and beverage for the services for which you sign up.

We also recommend you call the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department's Fair Park office by phone to clarify any questions you may have about the Fair Park process and opportunities:

(214) 670-8400



As a separately contracted annual event with the City of Dallas, the State Fair of Texas has its own procedures for food and beverage vendors. The State Fair provides guidelines and applications for its food and beverage service vendors at:

The web page information also includes requirements for those who wish to participate in the State Fair's Big Tex Choice Awards.

If you have any questions not answered by the State Fair website about food and beverage concessions opportunities during the State Fair of Texas, contact:

(214) 565-9931

Fair Park Event Concessions