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Fair Park is the perfect spot for viewing and wooing

Did you know that I proposed to my wife, Susan, at Fair Park? Actually, it involved a really clever ruse.

Susan was in charge of an art festival that took place at Fair Park. A mutual friend convinced her some logistical problems had arisen for the next festival. "Come to the roof of the Hall of State, and I can show you all the issues from there," he told her.

It was late afternoon in the middle of the week near the beginning of December. The temperature was comfortable, the sunset was spectacular. She and my friend had to climb a ladder secured to the side of the building to reach the roof. Once she reached the roof, she turned around and there I was. In a suit and tie. Holding some flowers. The ring in my pocket, a bottle of champagne in a bucket that sat on a table for two I had taken up there in advance. Obviously, from the fact I called her "my wife" earlier, she said yes.

Needless to say, I consider Fair Park a terrific place to start, or lock in, a romance. Consider visiting some of these locations in the weeks ahead, places sure to make your loved one’s heart go pitter-pat:

  • The Esplanade – Architect George Dahl knew what he was doing when he made our premier water feature a romantic locale coming and going. Many people don't realize the fountains and music show are operating most days of the year. You even have the downtown Dallas skyline as your backdrop!

  • The Grand Allee – Tucked behind the Texas Discovery Gardens, this glorious greenspace lined with Savannah hollies and featuring a 40-foot-tall fountain may be Fair Park's best kept secret. Except, that is, to lovebirds, who have made this a popular place to pop the question and tie the knot.

  • The Texas Star – Since its debut in 1985, this 212-foot-tall amusement ride has hosted literally hundreds of marriage proposals. Even its smaller predecessors were popular spots for couples to say 'Yes,' to one another. One such couple was Rick and Ginger Francis of El Paso, who celebrated their 40th anniversary with us during the 2018 State Fair of Texas.

Still need some inspiration? Swoon on the Leonhardt Lagoon during a ride on one of our Swan Boats. They're available to rent on most nice weekend days. And, beginning in May, cuddle on the grass under the stars at a concert at Fair Park's Dos Equis Pavilion.

We know you love Fair Park. During this valentine month, don't forget it offers lots of places for you to proclaim your love for someone special.

Matt Wood


Matt Wood
Executive Director, Friends of Fair Park
1121 First Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75210
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Texas Discovery Gardens' wedding ceremony photograph by Jenny Bright Photography