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Dallas Goes Green

Dallas Park and Recreation Department is serious about reducing the human impact on our environment

The International Union for Conservation of Nature recently reported that for the first time in history, the urban population now exceeds the rural one. This poses unique challenges and opportunities to large cities like Dallas.

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department is serious about reducing the impacts on our environment that affect our city and later this month our department environmental initiatives will be on display at this year’s EARTHx event at Fair Park.

Environmental initiatives the department has undertaken include the Dallas Zoo Browse Program, Urban Biology, BIoBlitz, Pollinator Gardens, Waterwise and Drought Tolerant Landscaping and an Organic Pest Control Program. Additional efforts include working with our partners at the Texas Tree Foundation to increase the tree canopy in our City, participating in the Dallas 2017 Urban Heat Island Management Study, converting irrigation systems to Smart Irrigation Systems in partnership with the Dallas Innovation Alliance and the Feral Hog Control Program.

Helping urban dwellers coexist with wildlife and natural spaces is stressed through our urban biology programs and our pollinator habitats with conservation partners like Fair Park's Texas Discovery Gardens, Friends of Tenison Park, Elmwood Park and others. This helps attract bees, butterflies, birds and other important pollinators which are essential to a balanced ecosystem.

EARTHx 2018 will take place at Fair Park April 20-22 and will offer many informative and interactive exhibits to help you better understand our changing planet and the shifting urban landscape of our city. Please join us for an exciting weekend of demonstrations, kid's activities, and other fun, learning opportunities at this year’s event. While you are there, please drop by our exhibit to learn how you too can be part of the solution.

We look forward to seeing you here.

Daniel Huerta
Executive General Manager
City of Dallas
Dallas Park & Recreation Fair Park Administration
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Dallas goes green