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The Gulf Cloud restored to original bronze patina

Historic fountain was erected in 1916 in memory of Captain Sydney Smith, secretary of State Fair of Texas from 1886-1912

If you have been to Fair Park recently you may have noticed the cleaning and restoration efforts made to The Gulf Cloud fountain. It rests grandly inside Gate 4 in the open space between the Music Hall and the Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Those dining at the Crystal Terrace restaurant inside the Music Hall have a spectacular view of the fountain through the high glass windows.

A masterpiece of craftsmanship, The Gulf Cloud fountain was created by Dallas sculptor, Miss Clyde Chandler, and consists of four female figures that represent the physical characteristics of Texas: Mountain is seated; Prairie is at her knee; Gulf is reclining; and Gulf Cloud unfolds in the fountain spray.

Over time the sculpture had accumulated a brown film caused by oxidation. Under the oversight of the Fair Park and Office of Cultural Affairs staff, Phoenix 1, a leading company in the restoration and construction industry, removed the patina and brought the The Gulf Cloud fountain to its original bronze sheen.

The next time you visit the park, take a moment to see the beautifully restored The Gulf Cloud fountain. Cleaned of its oxidation, it now glistens in the waters from the fountain.

We look forward to seeing you at Fair Park soon.

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