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Dallas Museum of Natural History

This building and its operations are currently closed

For many years, it was the home of the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. Then, this historic limestone building housed The Perot Museum of Nature and Science’s education and research activities.  Today is it closed and unused.

The Building’s Architecture
Crafted from Cordova cream limestone, the building has no windows except for large panes in the center rear. They rise to the second floor, admitting natural light to the first and second-level foyers, as well as the staircase connecting them.

The downstairs lobby contains native Texas shell stone, an especially appropriate material for this museum. The stone once formed part of a prehistoric ocean floor and contains many fossil seashells. Both inside and out, the museum is decorated with artistic metal light fixtures and ornamental grillwork.

Fun Trivia
Museums are not generally thought of as places of excitement, but this building has seen its share. It was here during the State Fair of 1948 that a Brahman bull that had escaped from Fair Park’s Agricultural area finally got roped and tied.

Now The Perot Museum of Nature and Science Education and Research in Fair Park