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Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (Closed)

Once the Museum of Nature & Science – Science Building, this building has a fascinating history

Formerly the Museum of Nature & Science – Science Building and the TI Founders IMAX Theater at the Science Place Museum, this was the original facility for the Dallas Museum of Art.

Most recently the Museum of Nature and Science’s Science Building this structure opened in 1936 for the Texas Centennial Exposition. It is one of the 30 historic structures at Fair Park that remains from the 1936 Texas Centennial.

At the time the building opened, however, it was the Dallas Museum of Fine Art. You can still see that name engraved on the side of the museum facing the parking lot and Robert Cullum Boulevard.

This building features native Texas Cordova cream limestone and a base comprising red granite. Costing $400,000, it was the most costly building in this section of the park. Also among its features are front and rear doors decorated with metal panels. Those on the side of the museum facing Second Avenue depict human beings painting and sculpting. The doors facing the lagoon feature Texas plant life.

Lively History
In its heyday, this building housed more than 200 hands-on exhibits on physics, astronomy, health, robotics, and nature. It was also home for decades to special exhibitions, galleries, an auditorium, and the early childhood galleries. Especially popular with kids were the robotic dinosaurs that would roar, snarl, blink and much more!

IMAX Theatre
In 1996, the Texas Instruments Founders IMAX® Theatre debuted here. It sported a 323-seat auditorium that provided an educational experience via a 79-foot domed screen and 12 thousand watts of surround and overhead sound. Shows covered such topics as sea monsters, volcanoes, bugs, and other fascinating nuances of science.

The majority of the exhibits and artifacts here moved in 2012 to The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, just north of downtown Dallas.

Before it became the Dallas Museum of Art and moved to downtown Dallas, the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts anchored an arts district within Fair Park