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Margo Jones Theatre

Cutting-edge theatre in a space filled with history


Theatre in Dallas owes a great debt to Margo Jones. And the Margo Jones Theatre at Fair Park sustains her commitment to innovative, introspective theatre.

A consortium of five theatrical and advertising organizations keep the Margo Jones Theatre a vibrant place. Those organizations are:

The groups present original works as well as fresh takes on classic theatrical productions.

That's consistent with the philosophy of Margo Jones, one of the major visionaries of American theatre. Ms. Jones founded Theatre '47 in Dallas, a non-profit professional theater that was the first of its kind in the country, and ran it until her death in 1955 (the name changed with every year).

Jones' theatre provided an early model for the resident theater movement of the 1960s and '70s which transformed the American stage. She was a crucial figure in the early career of Tennessee Williams and discovered playwright William Inge. Her 1955 world premiere in Dallas of Lawrence and Lee's "Inherit the Wind" – initially rejected by eight Broadway producers  saved a major American play.

"We at the Margo Jones Theatre agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Jones’ philosophy toward theatre," the Margo Jones Theatre partnership states. "That’s why we strive to give space to new voice that want to be heard."

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Margo Jones Theatre (located in the Magnolia Lounge)
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Dallas, TX 75210
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'Chop,' performed and written by Brad McEntire