Parking is plentiful ... most of the year

Rates for parking inside the Fair Park gates may vary during the State Fair of Texas, Gexa Energy Pavilion concerts and other long-running special events. Parking is also generally available adjacent to Fair Park in privately operating parking lots. Please call (214) 670-8400 if you have any questions.


Parking for automobiles
During the State Fair of Texas and some special events, managed, remote parking is available for a fee.


Just outside the fair grounds on the west side of the Music Hall at Fair Park, there is a paid parking lot which offers easy access to and from I-30.

For some Music Hall events, valet parking is also available at the First Avenue entrance to the Music Hall. Valet parking passes for the entire Dallas Summer Musicals season are also available. Call Ace Parking at +1.214.748.5535 for details.

Parking for motorcycles
There are no dedicated parking areas specifically for motorcycles. Motorcycles may park in spots marked for automobiles.

Bike racks for bicycles
There are dedicated bike racks at the Gexa Energy Pavilion concert facility and at the DART Fair Park light rail stations both on Parry Avenue and at MLK.

Parking for buses, RVs and trucks
There is no designated parking just for larger vehicles. Please inquire regarding parking preferences with a lot attendant during the State Fair or with the venue you will be visiting. For the OU/Texas game, RV overnight parking information can be found here.

We always recommend that you:

  • confirm parking information and costs with the event or venue you're planning to attend.
  • always park in areas designated for parking and, when possible, within Fair Park or State Fair-controlled locations.
  • lock your car, take your keys and hide your belongings.