Eat on the go or before the show

Fair Park-area dining runs the gamut, from cotton candy to carmelized lemon tarts.


You won't need to find the treats during the State Fair. Their seductive aromas will find you.

As you stroll the Midway or step out of an exhibit, your nose will lift and aim toward everything from corn dogs and barbeque to fried chocolate truffles and tamales.

Visiting us at any other time of year? Dine at one of the restaurants you'll find in Fair Park's museums and performance venues ... or explore some of the delightful (and sometimes funky) eateries just a short distance away.

You will not go hungry during your visit to Fair Park.

State Fair of Texas
Deep Fried S'mores, Chicken Fried Bacon, Fernie's All-American Fried Grilled Cheese Sandwich ... are you catching a trend here? These are just some of the food choices you'll find at the State Fair of Texas. Grab a napkin and see the whole menu.

Fair Park Restaurants
From chicken-fried steak and the country-style cooking of the Old Mill Inn Restaurant, to a gourmet buffet prior to a performance at the Music Hall at Fair Park, there are still on-site food choices even when the voice of Big Tex can't be heard.

Nearby Dining
Many restaurants and lounges can be discovered within five miles and in some of Dallas' most popular dining neighborhoods, including downtown, Uptown, the Bishop Arts District, South Lamar, Greenville Avenue and Knox-Henderson.

But allow us to recommend some original restaurants, closest to Fair Park.